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It is a fact and reality that Pakistani’s manpower is far better in performance & output than their counterpart across the World. This is a vital asset of Pakistan’s Economy and a natural resource, which replenish the manpower requirement of brotherly Middle Eastern Countries in executing their development projects. However, there is still need for drastic measures in honing technical sophistication and disciplinary training to make the best use of blessed resources preferably for the consumer market. In the light of large requirement of Pakistani Manpower, Recruitmen International do not believes in slave trade rather prefers and believes to select competent and able workforce after due selection, the candidates are provided facilities to improve their technical capacity and performance. They are also taught the laws of host countries besides teaching them the fundamental principle of refined human interaction with each other and with different nationals. Thus, we are managing manpower procurement orders in large numbers by well reputed organizations working in M

Employer's Recommendations

"I have found Recruitment International to be very professional, easy and quick to obtain advice from and always very accessible."

− Anwar Qazi, Business Support Manager,MADAF Trading & Contracting Co, Ltd

"Having worked with Recruitment International for the last three years I can say that the advice and support that I have received from the team has been invaluable. Recruitment International offers a professional service and I would recommend them to anyone needing that additional help."

− Asharaf Sajeer,Human Resources Administrator,Pan Gulf Holding

"No matter how big or small the issue is, Recruitment International provide great advice and have always steered us in the right direction. Due to the nature of our business we are a strong believer in 'outsourcing', especially when you get a great service for a great price. I would highly recommend Recruitment International to any business."

− Bander Al-Khulli, HR & Admin Manager, AXAL Arabian Construction Company Limited
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